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Game On!
by Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

I went back and read my articles from last season (for the noble purpose of making sure that I didn’t recycle a joke), and I
was struck by how much strategy talk was going on. Maybe it’s just too early or maybe it’s the “duos” format (or maybe it’s that
the network has decided that we would rather watch the Veterans for an hour with just a delicate sprinkling of the Newbies), but
I’m not really feeling the same vibe from this season’s houseguests thus far. So, even though this could turn into much ado about
nothing in the next six hours or so, I am thrilled to have the chance to talk some game.

As I am writing this, Jordan has the opportunity to backdoor Me&Brendon, guaranteeing that one of them goes home on Thursday.
I spent all morning trying to talk myself into this as a good idea, but I just can’t do it. It makes so much sense on
paper, but I can’t cook up a scenario (other than Jeff or Jordan winning HoH every week) that doesn’t end with one of them
going home. However, this raises an interesting point about Big Brother.
Every strategy seems to fit into two categories: “playing not to lose” and “playing to win”.

If Jordan stays the course and Cassi goes home, The Veterans preserve their alliance. Brendon and Rachel remain the
biggest targets in the house for at least one more week, and you have probably bought yourself a few extra weeks in
the house (pending HoH and POV results and barring another stupid twist).

But all of a sudden we’re in the top 10, and all bets are off. Now Jeff and Jordan are banking on another gift-wrapped
opportunity to turn on Brendon and Rachel… except you’re now at the point in the game where they are trying to do
the same to you.

But at this very moment, Jordan has all of the power. If she makes a bold move and backdoors Me&Brendon, she either
opens up a brand new game or goes down in a blaze of glory (maybe as soon as next week). And not for nothing, but if I’m
in the jury house, Jordan executing a power play like that carries a lot of weight and probably wins my vote in the end.

It’s hard to blame Jordan if she doesn’t take this chance – as I said, I wouldn’t do it either. Maybe in a game so full of
twists, “playing not to lose” is the way to go; stay alive and see what happens. I just think it would be refreshing to see
somebody “play to win” for a change.

I very rarely make a guarantee when it comes to Big Brother. There’s so much luck involved, so much “social game” that goes
beyond winning or losing competitions and occasionally just enough of a Helping Hand from the powers that be that it’s
impossible to know what will happen. But I will guarantee this: no matter if one of the Veterans goes home this week or next
week, or if the alliance holds up all the way to the final four, “remember when Jordan could have sent one of them home in
Week 2” will be the defining moment of the season.


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