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And Then There Were Three
by Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

This week’s article is a breakdown of the Final Three, but one quick note before I get started:

Did anybody else feel like Big Brother was insulting their intelligence on Thursday night? We spent 15 minutes watching edited, manufactured drama as a build up to
Adam’s completely meaningless nominations. I get that all of the drama is gone from the house (such an odd thing to say with Rachel still around) and that they had
to fill an hour somehow, but they need to stop pretending that things are important when they aren’t.

I think that one of the perks of winning the Final Four Head of Household should be that you don’t have to nominate anybody unless you win the Veto. It
would change absolutely nothing, except that we wouldn’t be subjected to severely edited and out-of-context conversations ignoring the fact that the
nominations don’t matter.

Anyway, onto this week’s Big Brother Cynic:

As I’m writing this, Porsche and Rachel have won the first two parts of the Head of Household competition. However, Adam’s loss may have won
him $50,000. I can’t see Porsche taking somebody who, as far as they know in the house, has three jury votes locked up (Brendon, Jeff, Jordan).
Rachel’s disdain for floaters may get the best of her – leading her to take Porsche to the end – but if she’s thinking about winning, she should
definitely take Adam.

I was a big fan of Adam’s game. As stated previously, I think that the term “floater” is thrown around far too liberally and often overlooks the
social game. In my eyes, his late run to win the Veto and then the Head of Household put him in prime position to win it all. But ultimately, Adam
consistently couldn’t win competitions – and often fared pretty badly in them – and that will be his downfall.

Porsche may have rewritten the book on how to win Big Brother. She was the first player to capitalize on the Golden Key, coasting to the Final Ten
without having to be branded as a “floater” and then came on strong to win several “do-or-die” competitions. Essentially, she did what Adam was trying to do.

As it stands right now, Porsche has my vote to win. Obviously she gets the nod over Adam and, in my opinion, she has the edge over Rachel. While
it’s undeniable that Rachel has won her share of competitions, she came with a built-in alliance (the Vets) and definitely had the strength in numbers
from Day 1 that Porsche had to work to earn.

If Porsche has one downfall, it’s six words: “It’s what Dani would have wanted”.

While Porsche has my vote to win Big Brother, Rachel is my pick to win. Should she make the Final Two, she probably has three of the four necessary jury
votes locked up. That means she just needs to swing Danielle, Kalia, Shelly or Adam/Porsche to win. She certainly has the competitive résumé to win, and I get
the feeling that at least one other juror will vote for her: definitely against Adam and probably against Porsche.

Looking Forward I suppose there’s nowhere to look from here… so I leave you with a bold prediction: Unable to resist the chance to both be in the spotlight and demonstrate that
she knows the game better than everybody else, Dani will be the deciding vote for Rachel to win Big Brother 13.

That’s it for me this week. I’m sure that Wednesday’s finale will give me something else to write about, so make sure to check in on Thursday or Friday for the
final (“and most important”) Big Brother Cynic of the season.


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