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Big Brother vs. Großer Bruder
by Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

"Matt would almost be an idiot not to put me up”. – Rachel

A psychology professor at Columbia University by the name of Dan Goldstein performed the following experiment. He went to a class of American college students and asked them which city they think is bigger: San Antonio or San Diego. The results came in at about 50/50. He then asked the same question to a class of German college students. The overwhelming majority of the German students pick the right answer: San Diego.

Now, did the Germans get this right because they know MORE about American geography? No… it’s actually because they know significantly LESS. The Germans all decided on San Diego because they had heard of it. The Americans, on the other hand, know about the Alamo and the San Antonio Spurs and know how big Texas is, so they think that San Antonio may be bigger.

In the same vain, we’re now on season 12 of Big Brother and year 10 of “competitive reality” television hitting the mainstream with the first season of Survivor. New houseguests have seen the various ways that people have won- 11 isolated instances in the Big Brother house and countless others on other reality shows- and attempted to apply bits and pieces of strategy from all of them.

Matt is a classic victim of this trap: trying to play the game instead of trying to win the game. He saw the chance to mastermind a backdoor of Brendon- thus proving how “good” he is at Big Brother- and instead accomplished nothing except becoming a fringe member of the Me&Brendon alliance (obviously the odd-man out in a final three scenario) and the least trust-worthy member of the fledgling Brigade.

In the “German” version of this ham-fisted analogy, Matt nominates Me&Brendon, because they are the targets, and the houseguests take one of them down (Bren-Bren if possible, Rachel if not). Done and done; let’s all go celebrate with a heaping bowl of slop.

So that leaves one burning question: Did Matt play the game this week or did the game play him?

Misspeak of the Week:
This week, were treated to an entire conversation between Brit and Meow Meow, which basically boils down to something we all figured out in third grade: people from different parts of the country have different accents. Yes folks, there’s high-brow comedy going on in the Big Brother house.

Regional shenanigans aside, the Meow Meow definitely take the crown the week. When I was watching Sunday’s episode, Enzo referred to “bok choy” as both “bok chok” and “baccarat”. Just as I was prepared to give him the award for that bit of cunning linguistics, he went ahead and topped himself by calling the Chinese cabbage, “a bootleg piece of lettuce”. Jersey representing.

Looking Ahead:
After Andrew’s shakeup, it’s tough to make a call as to who Me&Brendon will nominate. I’m going to say that Hayden and Kristen will go up if Rachel has her way, but Bren-Bren could make a push for Matt. Then again, if anybody gets caught talking to Brendon, Rachel will nominate their ass in a second for messing with her man.

That’s my 500 words for the week. Auf wiedersehen!


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