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The Big Brother 14 Drinking Game
by Drew, the Big Brother Cynic

It sounds like there might be plenty of reasons to drink during the upcoming season
of Big Brother, so let’s make a game out of it!

Disclaimer: The following is intended for entertainment purposes only. The
Big Brother Cynic is a whole-hearted supporter of the designated driver program.

Take one drink
A houseguest refers to Big Brother as “this game”
A houseguest quotes or does an impression of a previous houseguest
“The most important _____ of the summer”
A “dirty word” makes it through the censors
Accidental nudity (“blur-cle” required)
A hashtag or Twitter handle appears on screen

Takes two drinks…
A houseguest claims to be throwing competitions… and obviously just sucks at them
Julie cuts off a houseguest during a live interview
Julie doesn’t understand a joke
A houseguest is eliminated in any way other than normal eviction
A houseguest volunteers to be on the block
Intentional nudity (“blur-cle” required)

Finish your drink…
A houseguest is backdoored (and evicted)
The studio audience has an audible reaction to somebody’s vote
Grodner in the house
A houseguest is evicted in a costume
Mr. Pectacular!

Feel free to use the comments or the Facebook group to add your own.

Nobody Asked Me, But…
I saw some chatter on the Internet recently about getting a more in-depth finale. Some quick
research shows that Big Brother 13 was the most successful season in terms of ratings since season five.
So I suppose that would explain both why there hasn’t been a longer finale in recent seasons and why we might
get one in the near future.

Looking Forward…
I’m reserving judgment and giving Big Brother the benefit of the doubt for now, but I feel an epic post-premiere rant coming on…


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